Gallia County pictures

These pictures are from an album which belonged to my grandmother's sister and her family lived in Gallia County for many generations back. The pages were sent to me by my mother's cousin who has recently passed away. He had them for years and did not know anything about the content or people in the pictures. Unfortunately there are no names on the back and only a few names or writing on the borders of the pictures. My hope is to have any of the people in the pictures identified so that I can reunite the original photos with a family member.

I am also adding photos from my grandmother's album and some loose ones in a a box that belonged to her. A few are named. What a treasure to find these pictures...a part of history.

And then I am including a few pictures which I can identify and had belonged to my grandmother. Those pictures will have names.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Magnificent house

A magnificent home, but was it in Gallia County and who lived there?

Girl and Parrot

 What a lovely young girl and a parrot, too!  Who is she?

Assorted Gallia pictures

I now know that the little girl in the top right picture is Marjorie Edith Logue, granddaughter of Charles and Mary Gooch, Joe and Roma Logue.
All four grandparents born in Gallia County.

New York girls from Gallia County

This photograph was actually taken in Brooklyn, NY.  However, since it was in the box of photos from Gallia County, I thought I would include it just hoping someone would recognize one of the two girls.